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Highster Mobile Features

  • Text messages (old & deleted)
  • iMessages (old & deleted).
  • Calls, Photos & Videos
  • Emails & Browser History
  • GPS location (position will be shown on a Google map).
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many other platforms).
  • All installed and running applications.
  • Search Alerts (Alert when a pre-designated search term is searched on the mobile device)
  • Block Application (Blocks the installation of pre-designated app on the target phone)

Highster Mobile

How It Works

Highster Mobile

Remotely access texts, calls, GPS & more from any Android or supported iPhone or iPad

With over 250,000+ downloads – Highster Mobile is the most complete cell phone tracking and spy software.

Highster Mobile is a very useful and powerful mobile phone monitoring program. It is suited to monitor employees or your kids, Highster Mobile is among the most advanced cellular mobile tracking and monitoring applications used to confidentially record text messages and track call information from a cellular device.

That is one of the most adequate programs used for remotely tracking all the actions of a specific cell phone device from anywhere. This program is quite easy to install either through over the air links (OTA) by directly typing into the cell phone’s web browser, or by transferring the program from computer to the target mobile device through USB cable or via Bluetooth connection. Cell phone tracking software is a useful application that can be used to monitor effectively any individual’s activities and movements.

In case you would like to get the cell phone monitoring software urgently, look for it in online stores or install quickly from our webpage. Online stores provide a range of spy cell phone applications models that would suit your needs. You will find many sites that offer free cell phone tracking programs, however, the free software have usually minimal functions and are limited to a certain time period.

The full paid versions on the other hand offers all kinds of functionalities. The full paid versions not only offers tracking of all kinds of messages and voice calls, but also offers functions such as GPS tracking, Photo views, browser history etc to help you get the entire scope of activities happening on the target phone.

Text messages, Calls, GPS, Emails and more.
Calls, SMS, Emails, Chats, Location, Device
Video, Slide Screen, Messages
Data stored in online account for easy viewing

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My daughter sends and recieves over 6000 text messages a month! This program sent them all to my gmail! Very good program! Very reliable. A must for any responsible parent.
Heather, New York
I had suspicion that my daughter is engaged in inappropriate behavior online. I purchased Highster Mobile and was able to confirm it. Without Highster’s help, I would not have been able to know and correct my teen daughter’s behavior. Highly recommended for parents.
Kim, San Jose
Highster Mobile has been very useful in monitoring my Sons text messages and knowing his whereabouts.
Kevin, Miami

Highster: The #1 Cell Phone Spy and Tracking Software

With over 250,000+ users and counting, Highster is the most complete and trusted spy software on the market.

Our lives have been enhanced by the remarkable advancement in today’s sophisticated communication technology. However, with the technology has come responsibility. Nowadays, a sizable portion of parents all over the world are concerned about their children’s persistent attachment to mobile phones. The parents feel the demand for a technology that could really help them keep a watch on their children activities online without interfering in their personal life’s directly, also, improper usage of business supplied mobile phones have necessitated the need for employees to get a monitoring software for the devices they issue to employees.

When a kid gets a fresh cell phone, he or she begins constructing her own private universe around it. Parents often feel worried with the kind of buddies they socialize with on their mobile phones. Today, virtually all cellular devices that are state-of-the-art are web enabled. Children’s are using these phones to access their favorite social media networks, gaming sites, chat rooms, plus much more. Most of these types of on-line entertainment sites aren’t meant for minors but due to technology have easier access to them than ever before.

Several issues that are affecting young kids have their origins online. Social networks and online chat rooms are in charge of a big percentage of cyber bullying. Virtually everything done from the phone that is important can be tracked by Highster Mobile. This includes calls, contact list, chat messages, GPS location, e-mail correspondence, browser history, pictures, videos, and much more. Highster Mobile can constantly monitor the target device from any place and give all data right into your desktop computer or mobile device. Along with the above features, Highster Mobile is, in addition, equipped with incredible added attributes which are not found in several mobile phone monitoring programs that are available online. Highster Mobile can monitor the messages which were deleted from the device and iMessages. Highster Mobile can activate and know the location of the user. Highster Mobile can also lock in the telephone from a distant place. That can be great convenience when parents find something improper in their own children’s mobile phone.

Highster Mobile would be very useful for parents in monitoring their children as well as for employers in monitoring there employees in following ways:

    • Monitoring who’s in their children’s mobile contact list
    • Going through browser history and understanding the way in which they use the web and their favorite on-line platforms
    • Knowing the actual location of your children all the time
    • Knowing details relating to all calls, messages, online chats, etc.


Employers looking to reduce improper usage of their mobile phones have additionally used Highster Mobile for a number of reasons. Some of their most significant advantage regions comprise:

  • Decrease in the amount of private calls made from the office issues cell phone.
  • Raising the total productivity of the firm by reducing idle time of staff.
  • Prevention of sensitive business info leaks.

Highster Mobile is regarded as the most effective cell phone monitoring software online with its cutting edge technology. Cell phone tracking program is a comparatively new technology, and this technology is considered by several users as the cutting edge of software development. The software is designed and developed in such a way that, a user does not require complex understanding of software codes and functions. Highster Mobile’s control panel displays all the data in a visual format so that with few clicks all data could be accessed.

Also, Highster Mobile could be installed easily on the target device in various ways. It could be installed through a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Also, program itself could be deleted once the software is installed to remove any trace. All data is available in a secure on-line account, the information could be accessed by user on computer, mobile phone, or their tablet PC. After buying the software, the user receives an instruction manual, username, password, license key, and their download link. The software is compatible with all Android phones and all latest models of iPhone’s and iPad’s. In both devices, physical access is required for about two minutes. Also, the program works with all cellular networks.

There are many cell phone monitoring software’s online. Yet, Highster Mobile has consistently proven to be the best and have added new features and kept up with the changes in technology of cell phones and to be compatible with all devices and networks. Get Highster Mobile Today. Click Buy Now button to purchase the software.

  • Unmatched features
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all cellular telephone service providers
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